ACG Strathallan

A personal and academic excellence, in a nurturing and supportive environment.




A spacious campus in a picturesque location

ACG Strathallan is one of the largest private school complexes in New Zealand.

Just five minutes from the Southern Motorway, about 30 minutes south of Auckland City, the School sits in a beautiful position bounded by lush green farmland and the stunning Manukau Harbour.

The spacious campus consists of 14.5 hectares and has excellent buildings, sports facilities and playing fields. ACG Strathallan’s many outdoor facilities and sporting areas ensure that a complete education is provided. The blend of modern, high-tech learning centres and beautiful coastal countryside, close to the city of Auckland, creates the perfect educational environment.


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ACG Education

ACG Education offers outstanding education for students from around the world, ranging from preschool, school, university pathways and vocational and higher learning. This complete offering, plus our passion for excellence in education and a commitment to seeing our students succeed, is how we create bright futures for each of our students.
ACG Strathallan teachers are passionate about delivering education in a way that brings out the best in every student, understanding, supporting and extending their unique abilities.
Underpinning this is an acknowledgement that students who feel supported, accepted and valued are likely to thrive. Our safe, inspiring learning environments are designed to support this, while our pastoral care system ensures we meet the personal needs of each student.
It is our goal to engage students through collaborative learning, specialised teaching, and personalised tutoring to extend, enrich and accelerate our students.

Teamwork, achievement and excellence

Our international curriculum prepare students for life – helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning.
Our focus, is not solely academic. We want our students to emerge from their years at school as well-rounded individuals who will make a strong contribution to the world. We encourage and support students to engage in activities and experiences that develop teamwork and service.

A well-rounded education

Our school has excellent facilities that support and enhance the range of extra-curricular activities we have on offer.
Participation and school spirit are cornerstones of an engaged and healthy learning environment and we encourage students to take part in these activities regardless of their level or abilities.

Communication and support

We have orientation programmes at preschool, primary and secondary school to help your child and family feel welcome and supported. Our senior school has house and tutor systems that help develop relationships with other students, and learn co-operation and teamwork.
The preschool, primary and secondary staff all work closely with every student, so they are aware of any abilities or challenges around learning and interaction.

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