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Bethlehem College is an “Area School”. Unlike in Australia where this model is common, in NZ an area school is usually located in a remote rural area where population demands a combination of schools. There are therefore usually very small.

Our roll is 1530 with approximately 450 in Primary (Y1-6), 450 in Junior Secondary (Y7-9) and 630 in Senior Secondary (Y10-13). IN addition we have about 60 fee paying international students across the year levels.

At Bethlehem College we believe that every child is unique and remarkable, with gifts that deserve to be cultivated by courage, effort and achievement. Our curriculum includes academic, cultural, sporting and moral pursuits, all of which are regarded as important in developing the whole person. The staff members are committed to establishing strong relationships with students, as these relationships provide the foundation for teaching, learning, discipleship, pastoral care and personal development.



Our Bethlehem College Primary School caters for a roll of approximately 460-490 students in years 1-6. Our class sizes are capped at 18 students in our year 1, 24 in years 2 and 28 in our year’s 4-6 classes.
Our classrooms are both well-equipped and resourced, catering for modern learning environments with the support of iPad’s and other modern learning tools. We have a dedicated teaching staff here at Bethlehem College whom are committed to their student’s needs and support and guide them in their learning journey. Our Primary School has a Music Suite incorporating specialist music lessons, an ICT suite, hall, swimming pool and a well-resourced library.
As part of the wider Bethlehem Campus, we are able to access our beautiful park like grounds, hockey turf, all weather tennis and netball courts, cricket nets and a Performing Arts Centre.


Bethlehem College, Junior Secondary, incorporates Years 7 to 9 and includes 500 students and 18 homeroom teachers. Students at this age are looking for significant adults in their lives who they can relate to. Junior Secondary is structured in such a way that the homeroom teacher has maximum contact with their class thus enabling them to build strong relationships with their students.
This is a challenging time of transition where we see children develop into young men and women. It is a period of rapid growth that needs to be managed and channeled appropriately. Much thought and effort has been spent developing programmes, in and out of the classroom, that meet the needs of this exciting age group.


The curriculum offered is the New Zealand curriculum modified to reflect the particular needs of our Special Character. Key elements of the national curriculum are principles and values helping students to develop key competencies. The BC Curriculum has been developed based on these ideas. In the senior school, teachers prepare students for the national qualification, NCEA(National Certificate of Educational Achievement). Some Year 12 and 13 students sit Scholarship Examinations.
Y10 students continue a similar pattern to Y9 in studying the core subjects of Christian Living, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health. Y10 student are also required to select four subjects from a list of option subjects, each of which will be studied for a semester (2 terms). All the subjects offered at Y9 are available with the addition of Agricultural and Horticultural Science and Enterprise Studies as options.
Able students in Year 10 are accelerated in Science and/or Mathematics and take NCEA Level 1. Most other courses offer one or two standards which will contribute towards NCEA Certificate Level 1.



Children flourish in an environment that affirms life is not random but has design, meaning and purpose, with a bright future and a solid hope. The teaching and learning ethos at Bethlehem College encourages a personal faith in Jesus Christ, a strong work ethic, involvement in a wide range of school and community activities, and a life of service and leadership.


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Christian Character

Bethlehem College is unashamedly Christian in intent, profession and practice (we pray). We are not a church school, we are a Christian College. We are not into liturgy and religious ceremonies, but rather into just walking the talk on a day to day basis in the Classroom, around the Board table, in the staff room, on the rugby field or netball court…. It is about honouring God in all that we do.

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