Cambridge High School

Cambridge High School

Fortiter et Recte – Be strong and have the courage to do the right thing




Cambridge High School was first established in 1883 and has a long proud record of academic, cultural, and sporting achievement. Cambridge is fifteen minutes by car from Hamilton, New Zealand’s fourth largest city, the home of the University of Waikato and Wintec, and one and a half hours by car from Auckland International Airport. We are in the Piako electorate, and part of Waipa Council.

Our 8.5 hectares of grounds are attractively planted with shrubs and trees, and we have extensive playing fields, a swimming pool, gymnasium, and canteen. An extensive rebuilding programme is in place. Recently we have extended and renovated our Science, Language and Library facilities.

Visitors to the school comment on the positive learning culture and co-operative atmosphere we enjoy. Students are lively, involved, and friendly, enjoying good relationships with each other and staff. Peer Support and Tutoring programmes, and the Student Executive and Forum provide leadership opportunities and foster respect and concern for others. Senior students wear a special uniform, role-modelling the standard for the rest of the school.


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We have four "cornerstones" which relate to the symbols in our crest, which has four quadrants.

Learning which relates to the feather quill, symbol of learning and knowledge.
Tradition which relates to the castle, symbol of lasting strength.
Respect which relates to the key, the key to life.
Quality Co-Education which relates to the symbol of the Waikato River, a dominant feature of our region, used to symbolize, through its journey to the sea, the journey of life, and life-long learning.

International Programme

Cambridge High School has successfully hosted international students from around the world since 1989. Our dedicated and experienced international support staff ensure international students have a great experience while studying at school. Students are provided with a timetable to meet their individual academic needs and academic progress and student welfare is closely monitored. We have a wide range of sporting activities, academic choices, and international student trips available at school for our students to take part in.

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