Coromandel Area School

Coromandel Area School

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Coromandel Area School is a small school by many standards, yet offers opportunity for students to engage in learning in an attractive and well-resourced setting. The staff are dedicated to student success and have worked hard to develop, with students and whānau, a place where they are able to attain high standards in learning through on-site as well as distance learning opportunities via the internet.

Our school offers a range of academic courses plus plenty of opportunities to be involved in sporting, cultural, leadership and extra-curricular events. We are proud of the students we produce and of their achievements. Our dedicated staff work hard, and with a low student-teacher ratio, allow our students to become capable and resilient achievers with opportunity to reach the highest level of achievement actively fostered.


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Primary School

Students in each room are guided in their learning by a teacher specific to that year level and each room has its own unique character. Our school is proud of our all-inclusive multi-cultural environment where all students, no matter what their personal beliefs and values are, feel safe to learn, play and foster healthy relationships.

Secondary School

We are a school with vision, a passion for learning and a safe healthy environment. Our NCEA results and National Standards results are higher than other schools with a similar rating. We have a highly qualified, professional and committed teaching staff, many of whom are happy to have their own children educated at the school. We warmly welcome our new International Student community and know that they are comfortable growing and learning in our school setting.

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