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Howick College

Inspiring a Community of Passionate Learners – Whakamanawahia Tētehi Hapori O Ngā ākonga Hihiri





Howick College is a happy, innovative school which is firmly committed to providing the widest range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students. The pages of this site will give you details of many of these. We are committed to doing the best we can to meet individual needs in an environment which is caring and supportive so that our students enjoy their school experience while learning.

Our mission – inspiring a community of passionate learners – recognises the powerful impact we can have on one another. Those who are inspired will be the passionate ones who will influence others and make a difference. Inspiration is the key to awaken passion in learning, and in life; where there is passion, there is motivation to succeed.

Our collective aim is to inspire each other so teaching and learning is enjoyable, satisfying and most importantly, extremely rewarding for all.


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Our broad curriculum involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences. Each learning area is designed to engage maximum student interest and curiosity by providing learning opportunities that are flexible and develop an awareness of the world we live in. Through academic, cultural,social and recreational activities our students realise their potential to succeed.


The College has established a proud reputation in the performing arts. The quality of our school performances often rivals professional productions. Our music groups perform exceptionally well in regional music competitions.


The sense of teamwork as well as personal excellence is evidenced in the extensive sporting opportunities that we offer our students. These include all major sporting codes but also minor ones such as lawn bowls,underwater hockey, and equestrian.


Student leadership is encouraged and nurtured through such opportunities as House leaders and committees, Peer Support, arts and sports council and Year 13 committee. The senior leaders have many opportunities to lead by example and manage events and activities.

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