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Kāpiti College

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Kāpiti College is situated in Raumati Beach, a suburb of the town of Paraparaumu, a friendly beach community 40 minutes drive from Central Wellington. The college is metres from the beach and the perfect school for international students to attend.

The college is a decile 8 state coed school and has a roll of over 1500, including 71 international students from many different countries. Kāpiti College has sister schools in China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. There are many groups of short term visitors that arrive and are hosted here. Every year groups of Kiwi students visit other countries. Kapiti College is truly an international school.

Kāpiti takes pride in the academic success of its students and the many graduates who have gone on to have stellar careers in the Sciences, Technology, Arts and Business. However, we take equal pride in seeing all of the children who enter the College in Year 9 leave as young men and women, ready and prepared to set their course in the world outside. Whether they stay and work in their own community or travel to the furthest regions of the planet, we want Kāpiti people to be good people who will leave a positive mark on their communities.

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Golf Instistute

Internationally recognised golf professional Kevin Smith provides individualised and group coaching programmes for international students. Students will join the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club and will play for the school and the club.

International Aviation Academy

Located close to Kāpiti College. It provides training programmes for students to be able to fly a fixed winged aircraft and gain their Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). Courses will be customised to suit student’s needs. There is also an aviation club based at Kāpiti College which offers Kiwi and international students an opportunity to focus on theory.

Equestrian Academy

We can arrange for students to participate in a wide range of equestrian activities including show jumping, dressage and vaulting. We can also tailor individualised programmes to cater for student’s needs.

Swimming Institute

Coached by former Olympic swimmer Jon Winter, students will receive intensive one on one instruction at the recently opened $21M Kāpiti Aquatic Center.

Rugby Academy

International students can study at Kāpiti College and join our rugby academy. The academy director and head coach, James Porter, will develop an individualised programme which will include: rugby skills development, a gym programme, nutrition and personal one on one coaching. Members of the rugby academy may also play in Kāpiti College rugby teams.

Basketball Academy

Coach Angelo Robinson has developed a basketball academy which provides a range of individual and team programmes for both Kiwi and international students. Coach Robinson has strong links to Los Vegas and regularly takes teams there to compete against American teams in front of college coaches.

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