Mercury Bay Area School

Mercury Bay Area School

Te Kura o Te Whanganui a Hei




Mercury Bay Area School is an area or composite school consisting of three distinct learning groups all on one site. We cater for students aged between five and 19 years of age and for every school year from Year One right through to Year 13. Each of the three learning groups is led by a Deputy Principal and an Assistant Principal who are responsible for the learning and achievement, welfare, discipline, guidance, attendance and class placement of every student in their section of the school.

We offer you the chance to study in paradise and explore New Zealand.

Whether you want to achieve academic success, improve your English language skills or learn to scuba dive and kayak in the Pacific ocean, Mercury Bay offers it all.

International Students are provided with additional English tuition as part of our normal academic programme. International Students become an integral part of our school community, participating in full academic, sporting and cultural programmes.


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Marine Academy

The Marine Academy course provides both yr 12 and 13 students with the knowledge and skills required to safely enjoy scuba diving. Experienced professional dive instructors located at Dive Zone, Whitianga, provide all necessary equipment and training.

A range of experiences including a dive expedition and specialised diving techniques are available as students gain confidence and advance their skills. Through progressive training students will follow courses on night diving, deep diving and rescue diving. There will also be opportunities to learn about the marine environment as students identify fish species and carry out basic underwater research tasks using still and video cameras.


Many of these afford students the opportunity to go on to compete at district, regional and even national level competition.

The New Zealand Area School Association supports a regional coaching clinic which allows senior students the opportunity to be selected for the elite Central North Island Area Schools team and progress to the ultimate goal of representing in at New Zealand Area Schools level. Mercury Bay Area school maintains a reputation for athletes representing in many of the Central North Island Area School codes and we expect this trend to continue in the future.

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