Pukekohe High School

Pukekohe High School

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Pukekohe High School is a state secondary school for girls and boys from levels 9 to 13 (13 to 18 years). The school is located in the fast growing town of Pukekohe, which has a population of 29,000 people and is 50 kilometres south of the city of Auckland, 30 minute drive by car from Auckland’s International Airport.

Pukekohe High School has 1630 students. Approximately 2% come from overseas countries. There are places for up to 40 full fee-paying students from overseas.

“Our students are at the center of what we do and our goal is to provide them with an environment that is secure, rewarding and stimulating”

Pukekohe High School offers students a wide range of co-curricular activities which are essential to developing personal skills of collegiality, competitiveness and excellence. Pukekohe High School is a high performer in sporting and cultural pursuits. We have a strong belief in the students’ individual capacity to extend their own experience and ability through commitment and involvement in the wide range of opportunities offered. We are recognised as a leading performer in co-curricular competitions.

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Pukekohe High School prides itself on encouraging all students to aim for excellence in whatever endeavours they pursue. We have a proud history of participation and achievement in sport at local and national levels. We believe it is an important dimension of the young person’s education, particularly at secondary school level. We encourage students to participate in a wide range of activities outside the classroom. These activities develop physical, mental and social skills. They build student’s self-esteem and confidence and this is often reflected in greater effort and achievement in the classroom.

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