Rutherford High School

Rutherford High School

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Located in west Auckland only 12 minutes from downtown Auckland city, Rutherford College has exceptional outdoor facilities on its doorstep.

Location and Facilities West Auckland is known for its surf beaches, bush walks and rural character, with large shopping centers throughout the suburb. Rutherford College is only 12 minutes from downtown Auckland city. The College is well resourced with renovated teaching and specialist rooms – photographic darkroom, computer and science laboratories, music suites, technology workshops, spacious grounds, large sports fields, swimming pool and sports hall facilities.

“Education is first and foremost about student needs and creating an environment that provides all students with a very real opportunity to pursue their personal potential. For education to be at its most valuable it must be a holistic experience and allow young people to pursue personal excellence across a range of contexts.”

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Academic Opportunities

The College has a comprehensive English Language Support programme in place. The multi-level timetable and course structure enables students to study successfully the subjects they require, in order to have their study abroad experience credited to their education programme on their return home. Dependent on their academic level, students can gain the pre-requisites to study at any University in New Zealand. Students are given every encouragement to attain their highest academic standard.

Extra Curricular Programme

The involvement of international students in sport and cultural activities has widespread benefits to all participants. It rapidly develops communication English Skills and has a positive effect on student integration. basketball, waterpolo, rugby, cricket, golf, volleyball, tennis and soccer are only some of the sports available. In the area of performing arts, we can offer instrument lessons, choirs and drama productions. Classes run from 8.40am to 3.10pm daily. Application forms are available in PDF format for you to download, complete and send to the college.

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