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St Bede’s College

Fide et Opere – By Faith and Works



St Bede’s College, Christchurch, is an integrated Catholic school for boys of years 9-13 providing secondary education for day and boarding students. A Marist school with a current roll of around 800 students, the College celebrated its centennary in May 2012.

The essential purpose of the College is to work with parents in order to help our students live a fully integrated life – a life in which they each achieve academically and develop their own talents while living, working and praying in a Catholic faith community which takes its values and goals from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. As members of such a community we must all not only take responsibility for our own development but also help each other to grow as individuals.

When the College was founded in 1911, the purpose was to help Catholic families educate their sons in leadership. There was a focus on helping to bring up adults, not keeping boys as children. Consequently, the College places great emphasis on each student striving for subjective excellence. This means that every boy is expected to do his best in every area of school life.

“Let us show by our actions what we believe”

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Six Pillars

At St Bede’s, aspects of the guiding philosophy and strategies of the College are referred to as the Six Pillars and are embedded in the life of the College. The Six Pillars are:

  • Special Character
  • Community
  • Academic
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Boarding

International Students

For many years the College has hosted young men from the Pacific Islands and more latterly Asia, and St Bede’s is pleased to bring these students into our community to share in their cultures and beliefs. It is our intention to diversify and encourage families and students from Europe and South America to consider international education at St Bede’s. Overseas students make a valuable contribution to our College, adding to the richness and diversity of our own cultures, and enabling us all to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of a variety of other cultures. Student Views

We have a fully resourced International Students Department and our staff is experienced in meeting the needs of international students. Our curriculum offers excellent educational opportunities and our grounds and facilities are first rate.


St Bede’s sees involvement in and commitment to a variety of activities as essential to students’ development. The College offers students many opportunities for involvement.

Honours Pockets are awarded to those who bring honour to the particular sport, community or cultural activity and achievement to a high level and also the way or the manner in which the student has represented or served the College.

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