Wellington College

Wellington College

Lumen Accipe et Imperti – Receive the Light and Pass it on

We are a state secondary school for boys with a proud tradition dating back to 1867. Our student roll is 1550. Wellington College places an unequivocal emphasis on excellence, whether academic, sporting or cultural.

Our mission is to inspire students to develop their talents, to reach well beyond the ordinary, and to acquire a life-long passion for learning. In a very real way, the history of Wellington College reflects the history of the city of Wellington, the nation’s capital.

Wellington College has an unequivocal emphasis on excellence, whether it be academic, sporting or cultural.  The achievements of our students in external examinations places us in the top echelon of New Zealand secondary schools.  Every year, our number of New Zealand Scholarships gained is the highest in the greater Wellington area.


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International Students

Wellington College welcomes applications from students from overseas. We have 20 years of experience of educating and taking care of International Students.

International students come from a range of different cultural backgrounds, and this provides an ideal environment to be supported and succeed in. This diversity amongst the students ensures differences are respected and international students have positive interactions that help them develop their confidence and assist in improving their English.

International students participate in main stream classes with the College also providing additional English Language Learner programmes where required.

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