Wesley College

Wesley College

Fide Litteris Labore – Faith, Learning and Hard Work

Wesley College was established in 1844. It is New Zealand’s oldest registered school.

The School is governed by the Wesley College Board of Trustees and operates like any New Zealand State School.The Proprietor’s [Trust Board] hostel was not integrated and remains a private boarding establishment. Wesley College has a Special Character, based on a relationship with the Methodist Church of New Zealand – Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa; and the special character includes religious observances.

“You always knew your son or daughter was capable of great things. At Wesley College, we can take them beyond that to be among the best in the world.”

Steve Hargreaves,


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Our Special Character

We are Christian in Practise
We are Methodist in ethos
We are accepted as we are
We are called to be the people of God and to do God’s work
We belong to the Wesley College family and the family of God.

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